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Females are generally faithful, giving, and respectful to their mates. We have an insight into the feminine psyche in several things that Penelope does. The weaving and unweaving of the shroud and the test of the bed are two examples of the way Penelope thinks.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Penelope: In the opening chapters of The Odyssey Penelope is angry, frustrated, and helpless. She misses her husband, Odysseus. Odysseus's wife, Penelope plays a crucial role in Homer's ‘The Odyssey’, with not only providing the motivation for Odysseus's return to Ithaca, but she is also the center of the plot involving the suitors and the fate of Telemakos and Ithaca itself. Therefore the objective of.

She does what is thought to be her duty to her husband to resist the suitors and remain faithful and loyal to her husband. Homer reveals the feminine psyche in Penelope, a loving and faithful wife to Odysseus. She was loyal to Odysseus the entire time he was away on his journey, and even when it appeared that he would not return she still had faith that he would. Penelope resisted the advances of the suitors because she loved Odysseus and could not see herself with another when he could still be alive.

Many suitors invade the palace of Odysseus and they pillage the assets of him. Penelope does not give up waiting for her husband and she detains the suitors by deceiving. After Odysseus returned his home this sad story is ended with death of the suitors. Penelope was smart and cunning when it came to resisting the suitors.

She shows us an insight to the feminine psyche when we learn she has avoided having to choose a new husband by telling the suitors she would choose a one of them once she finished the shroud she was weaving for Odysseus father. Penelope worked all day on the shroud and would unravel the weaving by candlelight at night while the suitors slept. Penelope is one of the most loyal and faithful characters that I have ever knew. The character of Penelope in Homers Odyssey has served as an archetype of femininity proper.

Her physical attributes are the most demanding standards, and she is also given many intellectual attributes affecting lots of people. These properties give her freedom and power which seem unusual in her times for a woman. I pursue the idea that while Penelope faces oppression at the hands of her son, her suitors, and her social obligation to remarry, she remains free and powerful.

The Role of Penelope in The Odyssey Essay

Both her freedom and power are manifest in her cunning and deliberate ways. After return to Ithaca, Odysseus went to the swineherd Eumaeus, and revealed his identity to him and Telemachus. Together, they went to the palace. Odysseus was disguised as a beggar, and was beaten and ridiculed by the suitors. Only his old dog Argus recognized him, wagged its tail and died. When Penelope looked after the beggar she asked him if he had heard anything of her husband. Odysseus told her that he would be back very soon, but Penelope did not dare to believe him.

Cleaning him, Odysseus old nurse recognized a scar on his body, but he told her keep silence. It is possible that later the nurse had shared this information with Penelope, but there is no evidence. After Penelope put the suitors through a final test, she showed them Odysseus bow and said she would marry whoever could shoot an arrow through the holes of twelve axes in a row.

One after one they tried, but they could not even pull the string. The beggar Odysseus asked to have a go, and under ridicule and laughter he shot a perfect arrow through the twelve axes, then turned the bow against the suitors and started killing them with the help of Telemachus. After this the treacherous maids were punished, and finally, the palace was clear. I think that during this moment Penelope already had recognized her husband, because this bow was Odysseus and only he could pull the string.

He exhausted an old tired and broken man and it takes all the energy he has left to find shelter and sleep. Immediately in line a ma The Odyssey Completing a Journey Its been twenty years since Odysseus has been able to go home to his kingdom and family, because Poseidon has a grudge toward him and would not let him leave. Currently his kingdom is slowly falling apart, and Athena, who always liked Odysseus, recognizes this and says that it is time for him to come back to his kingdom. At many points in his journey Odysseus could give up and not try to go home, however, Athena, is there by his side helping him almost every inch The Development of Desire The Development of Desire The development of the male warrior, throughout literature, has a direct relationship with the development of western civilization.

These characteristics, started by societies ideals, become the warrior's only reasons for continuing their heroics. At the beginning we have a warrior with one m Trade In Ancient Greece When we discuss the economics of the ancient world, we must be careful not to use the formal Economics which we employ in analyzing our own society, since Economics is a function of the way a society runs, not the set of rules under which a given society operates. We cannot remove ourselves from awareness of the economic disciplines which our schools teach, and even if we formally try to suspend Economics as a framework, we retain the image of the economic framework in ou Women of the Odyssey The Women of the Odyssey Many people regard Homers epics as war storiesstories about men; those people often overlook the important roles that women play in the Odyssey.

While there are not many female characters in the Odyssey , the few that there are, play pivotal roles in the story and one can gain a lot of insight by analyzing how those women are portrayed. Homer portrays the females in contradictory ways: the characters of Athena and Eurykleia are given strong, admirable Both epics are writ The Odyssey There are many essential emotions that form the building blocks of our lives. Odysseus and Penelope 's lasting relationship In The Odyssey Homer shows us the different ways women were looked upon through female characters, such as Penelope , Naussica, and Anticlia.

With Penelope , a faithful and loving wife to Odysseus, Homer reveals to us how the Greeks believed wives should act. She was loyal to Odysseus the entire time he was away on his journey, and even when it app He does not approve of how the suitors have taken advantage of his mother and himself; however, he is unsure and incapable of ridding his home of these men.

He is on the peek of becoming a man but he remains very inexperienced in comparison to his If one were to only have a very fit and strong body, lacking mental ability, to the Greeks it would not suffice. If a man were merely smart and intelligent, without much physical capability, the Greeks would feel that he is not complete. They believed an individual must have have both, a well They believed an individual must have have both, a well developed mind and a fit body, not only one or the other, to be ideal.

This is the Greek concept of a Odessey 2 In these epics, several female characters had a profound effect on the plot. They wielded their influence through typically feminine skills and attributes: seduction, supernatural powers, intelligence, and beauty. Some of the women of The Odyssey and The Iliad influenced the actions of men, playing key roles in the epics, such as Calypso, the Sirens, Helen, or Circe; all of these women were responsible for the actions of the men.

In The Iliad, Helen and Athena are two characters who di Odyssey The great muses are called upon by Homer to tell the great adventure of Odysseus in his travel back to his home. Prayers are given to the Greek Gods and muses by Homer in order to proceed this story. The Greeks life revolved around the gods in a matter of fashion as we presently revolve around Christianity. The depiction of the roles the gods played in the Odyssey is both presented in good and evil.

The Greeks portrayed their gods as powerful and merciful. However in the Odyssey the gods The Odyssey - Gender Roles The Odyssey is the product of a society in which the dominant role was played by men. In ancient Greece, just as in the whole of the ancient world, and in America and Western Europe until the last century, women occupied a subservient position. Society was organized and directed by men, and all of the most important enterprises were those which men arranged and implemented.

Women were valued, but they participated in the affairs of the world only when they had the taci If important men and gods consider a woman beautiful, or if her son is a hero or important king the woman is successful. The way women in The Odyssey are treated is based on appearance, the things men want from them, and whether the woman has any power over men. During Odysseus journey to the underworld he sees the shades of many prominent women. We hear about their b Due to its antiquity, it is not known when or where it was first written, nevertheless, the approximate date and place is BC Greece.

Later publications are widespread as the text is transcribed in modern English with no deviation from the original story. The story is set in the lands and seas in close proximity to Greece changing by books as Odysseus, the protagonist hero, recounts Since the gods ruled over each of their specific lands, the mortals were to respect the gods fully, or suffer the consequences of their disrespect.

Their decision on whether to abide by the gods or not significantly either helped or hurt them, depending on which god they were dealing with. There were many gods that ruled over every region of the un Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good Romans This principal seems to be markedly evident as one closely examines the actions and thoughts behind the character of Sir Lancelot in The Knight of the Cart.

When one encounters the adventures of Odysseus in The Odyssey , however, the values of a completely different and slightly opposing culture present themselves. In the medieval times of Sir Lancelot, an ideal man Their actions proved to be powerful, benificial, and deadly. The gods, godesses, and creatures in The Odyssey on many occations proved t These similarities and differences are significant because the reader can learn and thoroughly comprehend them. Two examples of such literature are the epic poems Oedipus the King , written by Sophocles and The Odyssey , written by Homer who were both Greek poets.

Odysseus fights in the Trojan War and wins.

Character of Penelope in Homer's Odyssey Essay

He travels towards Ithaca but does not reach it because he is not in favor of Poseidon, god of the sea, who prevents his return. For many years, Odysseus wanders the seas and has many adventures. The gods pity Odysseus and assist in his safe return to Ithaca. Stuck on an island, he is presumed dead. In his absence, suitors for his wife ruin his house with lavish feasts. This epic poem, by Homer, describes how Odysseus, with the help of the gods, gets home and regains his kingship.

Justice is always The Development Of Desire The Development of Desire The development of the male warrior, throughout literature, has a direct relationship with the development of western civilization. At the beginning we have a warrior with one mi Better, I say, to break sod as a farm hand for some poor country man, on iron rations, than lord it over all the exhausted dead. Right before restless Odysseus leaves Circe, she tells him that he must go down into Hades to visit the shade of Teiresias, the blind prophet who advises Odysseus of Athena The Goddess Athena Athena was the goddess of wisdom, purity, and reason.

She was the first to teach the science of numbers as well as cooking, weaving, and spinning. An olive tree and an owl symbolize her. These are symbols of wisdom. She was also considered the goddess of war. Unlike Ares, the god of war, Athena would settle conflict with mediation over battle. Athena was the daughter Zeus, the King of Gods. It is said that Athena had no mother, but according to Hesiod's account Athena Beowulf 7 Most people hear the word hero and think of the stereotypical individual with an incredible appearance, outlandish brawn, and a smile to die for.

This is not always accurate; some of the most legendary heroes from Greek mythology take advantage of many other traits. Oddyse demo The preceding quote made by the heartbroken and devoted Penelope in Homers the Odyssey shows an intensity of feeling that is lacking within his earlier work, the Iliad. It is amid the latter epic that the female roles are able to step into the Odysseus has all these Epic hero qualities. In the Myth the Odyssey , Odysseus is the epic hero who has all the epic hero characteristics including: making rash decisions, endangering his men, achieving his goal, accepts and invites p Lancelot and Odysseus Lancelot and Odysseus Let love be without hypocrisy.

In the medieval times of Sir Lancelot, an ideal m It has been invented because there is not in the literature any adequate term describing the general study of communication and the related study of control in both machines and in living beings. In this paper, I mean by cybernetics those activities and idea Women in the odyssey The literature composed during the era when the Odyssey was written was directed by men. Woman characters were valued but the only participated in affairs when they had the permission of men.

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The men, for the most part, directed the women's lives. The themes used in literature were on the subjects that men would be interested in; combat; warriors, and rulers. Domestic affairs, for the most part, were not noted. There is a immense contrast between the Odyssey and other epic p To describe a woman today would include words like powerful, important, strong, and successful. These words would hardly describe woman in Classical Greek literature.

Woman in Classical Greece were very restricted in the things they could do. They were not citizens and rarely held any property. Penelope , Odysseus Women were seen as secondary to men, and their sole purpose in life was to please a mans every desire. This is not the case in three specific literary works.

Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope’s Test, p 1111

The the In these two stories, there are female characters that are deceitful and beguiling towards men. Kirke and Bianca are two comparable characters that display such behavior.

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I will explain how both characters display ambiguity by hiding their true nature behind actions that they wouldnt normally take; there Fate in macbeth Fate in macbeth Female Power in The Odyssey Throughout time women have had to fight hard for respect and the rights that come with it. Odysseus a hero Odysseus a hero Odysseus is a hero of all times thanks to Homer who wrote his story in The Odyssey. Book report for the odyssey Book report for the odyssey The Odyssey is an epic poem written in a series of 24 books.

The Odyssey The Odyssey During the night Odysseus tosses and turns, worrying about the outcome of his encounter with the suitor. The Odyssey The Odyssey When one ponders the Greek mythology and literature, powerful images invariably come to mind. The depths of the cave the depths of the cave The use of caves in mythology to depict darkness and abandonment has branded it as a symbol of chaos. Homer and Immortality Homer and Immortality Immortality is one the subject of much mythology and folklore. Imagery Imagery Imagery is used throughout the Odyssey and the story of Oedipus.

Odyssey Odyssey In book 23 of the Odyssey , reoccurring Homeric themes appear, characters roles change, and a homecoming for an epic hero is finally accomplished. Iliad and Odyssey Iliad and Odyssey The views and beliefs of societies are often portrayed in the literature, art, and cinema of a certain era. The Odessy The Odessy When one ponders the Greek mythology and literature, powerful images invariably come to mind. Odysseus2 Odysseus2 Literature Essay: Telemakhos Voyage In the epic the Odyssey , Homer explores a variety of different themes that are prevalent in antiquity.

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