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Greater visibility helps improve your reputation in your field. Many scholars today do their initial searching on a topic online.

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Scholars seeking to build their reputation need to make their work accessible in forms actually used by potential colleagues and employers. Scholarly communication happens very quickly today.

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Internet availability is much more beneficial than the long delays and added costs that accompanied library processing and lending of print theses and dissertations. Your thesis or dissertation will become part of a growing international collection of ETDs through the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. Because your work, and the fact that it is your work, will be easy to find, it will be much harder for anyone to appropriate your research without giving you credit. Research shows that scholarship available on the internet through open access is cited more often, and is cited sooner, than work that is available only through a subscription or the loan of a print copy.

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Theses and Dissertations As you prepare your final master's thesis or PhD to ensure that the publication of your research adheres to Duke University guidelines. The transition to ETDs is a cooperative effort between The Graduate School and thesis or dissertation that will be kept by Duke University Libraries instead of a .

Multimedia objects, including color images, hyperlinks, audio, video, spreadsheets and databases, even virtual reality worlds can be easily incorporated into your dissertation and can readily be made available to all of your readers. For either option, a student can earn at most 6 credits toward the MS degree using undergraduate courses, but no courses numbered below may be used for credit toward the degree.

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A student must earn B- or a higher grade in a course for it to be counted toward the MS degree. For the course-only option, each student will take an oral exam, typically minutes long, administered by a three-person committee appointed by the Department Chair.

The exam is based on the portfolio, mentioned above, that the student submits in advance. For the student pursuing the thesis or project option, he or she must complete a thesis or a project under the supervision of a faculty member.

The student completes a written report describing the objectives of the work, the previous state of the art, the results obtained, and in the case of software or hardware projects how to use the results of the project. The student defends the work in a public presentation before the committee consisting of the advisor and 2 other faculty members.

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Search Duke CS. Master of Science in Computer Science MS Program The MS program combines a firm grounding in theoretical foundations with training in current technologies and applications. Course Requirements The course-only option requires at least 18 credits of graduate Computer Science courses, at least 6 credits of non-CS coursework drawn from a single coherent field related to CS or to the student's area of concentration, and at least six credits of approved course electives.

Master's Exam Requirements For the course-only option, each student will take an oral exam, typically minutes long, administered by a three-person committee appointed by the Department Chair.

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