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Dubliners: Novel Summary: After the Race

Doyle cannot stand as an equal with the other men just as Ireland cannot stand as an equal with England, France and America.

He is a colonized subject, after all, and this will stand against him regardless of how much money. In addition, Doyle's wealth has come from his father's supplying meat to those who supported British rule which indirectly insures Ireland's continuation as a colony.

In addition, Doyle himself has no catalog of enviable attributes. He doesn't take advantage of his education and spends money carelessly. He allows the other men to lead him even though they are in his own country. He drinks to his detriment and finally, he cannot afford the habits of the truly rich. He can play the game, but he can never win. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.

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Character Analysis of Jimmy Doyle in After the Race by James Joyce | Kibin

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Breadcrumb Home Dubliners. Dubliners: Novel Summary: After the Race. He is a colonized subject, after all, and this will stand against him regardless of how much money advertisement he possesses. Facebook share Twitter WhatsApp. Harry Shippe Truman.

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Short Story - After The Race by James Joyce Audiobook

President Andrew Jackson. President Jackson. All rights reserved. We're near the finish line of a long-distance automobile race as the story opens. The spectators, in a poor neighborhood outside of Dublin, are excited to see the home stretch, and are rooting hard for the French cars. It turns out the French are practically guaranteed to win.

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The story opens with the end of a race in Dublin. In one of the French cars, four young men are in particularly high spirits: Charles Ségouin, the owner of the car; André Rivere, a French-Canadian electrician; Villona, a Hungarian; and Jimmy Doyle, a "neatly groomed" young. Unlike most of the other stories in Dubliners, "After the Race" is not highly regarded by most critics, who believe that Joyce was describing here a social class.

The four main characters of the story have just finished the race in a French car, and they are introduced to us briefly along with the individual reasons each is in such a good mood. Villona, "a huge Hungarian" "had had a very satisfactory luncheon" just before After the Race. Doyle, "a neatly groomed man," is "too excited to be genuinely happy.

He's a year old Irishman, the son of a wealthy "merchant prince" After the Race. After attending "a big Catholic college" in England, he did poorly in law school in Dublin, and returned to Cambridge, England, where he did a lot more partying than studying, supported by his father's money.

They aren't good friends yet, but Doyle is proud of himself for knowing a man who, he has heard, owns "some of the biggest hotels in Paris" After the Race.

by James Joyce

And that's pretty much how he ended up in the back seat of a car with a humming Hungarian behind two French cousins whose language he can't quite understand. The reader learns that when he was younger Mr Doyle was a Nationalist.

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These dealings with the police are significant because at the time Dubliners was written, Ireland would have been under British rule and it would have been believed that a nationalist should not collaborate with the British. There is also some symbolism in the story which is significant. There is the title of the story. Joyce may be using the title as a metaphor to describe the race that was carried out in the nineteenth century to exert control over the world. Two of the main players in this race would have been the British and French and the fact that the car race is won by a French driver may suggest that Joyce is alluding to the political race for global control and the subsequent success of the French.

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Again this is significant as Joyce has used teeth, particularly yellow teeth, in other stories from Dubliners to suggest decay and paralysis. Joyce may also be using symbolism through the character Routh. There is also further symbolism in the story which is noteworthy. He has lost all his money, is unsure of how much he owes the others and is left at the end of the story with his elbows on the table and his hands holding his sore head.

Again Joyce may be suggesting that Ireland too has been defeated.